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On-Premise And Private Cloud software
that's scalable and enterprise ready

On premise editions are ideal for organizations with a budget for private technology. Our Enterprise comes with a web module, that you can easily scale up from a central to a company wide implementation, building high availability failover enterprise portals or deploy independent intranets for each branch, department or subsidiary in your company.

Great Features & User Friendly Interface

Our Mission at is to develop and maintain high quality, user friendly and innovative software products by employing forward thinking in-depth research and analysis that has a sound reputation for innovation, reliability and delivering results.

Expert Recruiting Management for employers

Quickly assess and short list applicants with a click of a mouse. When evaluating potential candidates it becomes tedious to review and assess each applicant by opening each application one email at a time.
Our innovative recruiting software gives you your top candidates in a flash!

Human Resource Software for Small, Medium and Large enterprises

Need HR and Time Management on a budget? Then our CLOUD based HRM and Time Management solution is ideal for your business.

Track HR essential data and employee attendance with this comprehensive web based solution for small to medium enterprises.

Track Employee Attendance & Work Hours

This product uses Biometric (fingerprint or facial identification) technology and has built in algorithms with the automated procedures required to compute Regular, Overtime, Double, Triple and Extended Overtime. Varied pay rates can be set for Holidays, Weekends, and Day Offs which are then summed for each work day, a 40hr work week, fortnightly schedule or monthly.

Flexible and easy Manpower Planning with our Expert Scheduler

Our scheduling model works in all industries such as hospitals & medical centres and public sector departments, call centers, service operations, distribution companies, hotels, factories, supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, casinos and in virtually any type of organization that needs to keep track of employee shifts and schedules. Employees can be scheduled to work at different locations or noted to be on training or out on leave (vacation, sick or other).

Integration with Payroll solutions for full efficiency

Our HRM and Time Management solution has many export formats for various popular payrolls used by many businesses today. Export directly to your payroll or create DBF, CSV, Text or Excel files to import quickly and seamlessly with no hassle! Eliminate the recursive data entries to just seconds.

We can export directly to your existing payroll application or you can use our payroll services available.

Canteen Biometric Meal Management solution

If you have a staff canteen, concessionaire or issue meal benefits to your staff, this solution is ideal for managing meal allowances. Whether you give meals, issue an allowances or subsidies, this software does it all. Track allotments for each staff or department as well as inventory levels for snacks.
Employees claim meals or authorize deductions from their account using either card or fingerprint.

INDUSTRIES [Small to Large Enterprises]

Effective Time Management Practices are Critical for the Manufacturing Industry

Standardize Your Work Operations using Expert Software

The manufacturing sector is a crucial domain for business industries worldwide that needs to work round-the clock and in a smooth and-hassle free way. It is essential to ensure that the cycle of production stays in constant spin to meet the production goals and to maintain the equilibrium between supply and demand. This is no easy job and requires efficient management in a variety of operational areas.

A huge and extensive workforce, separate specialized production areas, shift and schedule management, keeping track of incoming and outgoing inventories, managing resources and raw materials and all other major and minor functions are primarily evaluated for efficacy on one prime factor – Time!

Everything that can be added into the job domain of software programs or machines should be taken from manual labor and handed over to machines. Regular essential functions, like time and attendance recording, production count, shift designing, employee allocation, and overtime calculations are some of the essential tasks that are extremely crucial in terms of accuracy and precision. Therefore, integrating smart systems and applications to automate these essential yet time-taking procedures is a smart way to up your management game

Technology Is Giving the Hospitality Industry a Much-Needed Boost in Today’s Digital Age

In the hospitality industry, time is very important

It’s a big part of the services guests expect. A supervisors job is to help employees to provide these services. But you can’t help them unless you learn how to manage your own time efficiently. In the hospitality industry, time is very important. It’s a big part of the services guests expect. As a supervisor, your job is to help your employees to provide these services. But you can’t help them unless you learn how to manage your own time efficiently.

As this time management becomes increasingly important to staying competitive, hotels are beginning to seek out technology systems with powerful reporting functions to help remove the guesswork from these important decisions.

To remain competitive in today’s digital age, hospitality leaders must prioritize the implementation of technology solutions that ease back-of-house operations and ultimately improve the customer experience. While having customer-facing solutions in place is important, using technology to streamline business operations will result in more productive employees and happier customers, which in turn, will allow you to more effectively market your restaurant via positive online reviews and word-of-mouth.

Time Management Can Boost Productivity and Profits In Retail

Using technology to drive operational efficiency in retail

The relentless forces of change in the retail sector, from heightened customer expectations, to new technology changing the art of the possible, are driving retailers to consider how they can redefine and reshape customer experiences to deliver constant innovation, while at the same time driving cost savings and operational efficiency. For many, reducing the cost to serve is the paramount consideration. And it is in the physical store where the most significant savings can be made.

Reducing the cost to serve in-store however, requires new technology. Existing store technology infrastructures have grown organically over time, and as such they are inflexible and simply not able to provide the step-change needed to deliver significant savings, let alone enable the kind of customer experiences that today’s consumers are demanding.

New technology solutions to this challenge must consolidate existing in-store systems into an integrated, manageable and secure infrastructure. By enabling large-scale consolidation and reducing the physical IT footprint, retailers are able to benefit from a more efficient infrastructure that naturally drives efficiencies within the store.

Maximize The Workplace Productivity By Using Time Management Technology

Time Management for Your Job Satisfaction and Your Employees’

Today’s technology landscape is stippled with countless innovations designed to increase productivity, both in and outside of the workplace. The advent of smartphones has blurred the lines between work and home, providing unlimited access to email, documents and never-ending to-do lists at the touch of a finger, day or night.

In the workplace, many tech enterprises spend much of the day, if not all of it, looking at a screen. New apps and platforms emerge every day claiming to improve time management, increase efficiency and streamline collaboration -- however, these innovations can often do more harm than good by introducing new distractions into the workplace. How can businesses leverage and limit technology to increase productivity, maximize talent and resources and support a healthy work-life balance?

In any business, time is your most valuable resource, and it is impossible to maximize your productivity without knowing where your hours are being spent. Time tracking technology is simple to implement and allows you to easily account for your hours each day. This tool is helpful when measuring personal productivity as well as gathering insight into the efficiency of your team as a whole.

Time Management Is Important For The Healthcare Industry And The Productvity Of Healthcare Professionals

Time Management Tools for Healthcare Administrators

Time management is one of those things that everyone realizes the value of, but not everyone is able to really put into practice—particularly in a busy field like healthcare administration. Twenty-four hours a day just doesn't seem like enough sometimes, and that's why practical tips for time management are important.

Healthcare is experiencing an amazing technological revolution, and many of the new tools becoming available to hospitals and healthcare administrators are designed, at least in part, to aid in efficiency. Staying up-to-date on your facility's EHR and its capabilities is obviously important for patient care and general administration reasons, but there may also be areas of the system that can assist administrators.

These days, providers are so busy implementing electronic health record systems and transforming healthcare that they may be feeling stretched for time. However, time management is an important part of a successful practice, and providers should not let themselves fall behind just because they are busy implementing new patient care technology.

Why Time Management Software is Important to Your Educational Institution

Workforce Management for All Levels of Education

Forget devices, the future of education technology is all about the cloud and anywhere access. In the future, teaching and learning is going to be social for the tertiary level; but in-classroom learning will still be required for the lower levels of educational development. Education needs to be cheap and effective and reducing the payroll budget will leave money for more learning programs. Time Management software tools can be used to manage both staff and students.

We all have twenty-four hours in a day, but when you are a teacher, sometimes it feels like these hours have significantly less than sixty minutes in them. Teachers have so much on their plate. Time management skills are crucial to getting everything done. Teachers can leverage technology to improve their time management for tasks such as marking attendance.

With a variety of time collection hardware for Higher Ed, employees have the ability to quickly perform clocking operations and self-service features from wherever they may be. From payroll clerks clocking in at their desks, student workers using a biometric fingerprint devices in the office to bus drivers clocking in on a mobile app, ensure accurate time collection with a completely automated system and customized experience.

Developer API

Use our online application programming interface (API) and set of routines, protocols and tools to build software applications that interact with our solution. Our API technology will enable you to share employee information and HR data between your systems and ours with ease.

Employee Services Center

self-service Want your employees to be less reliant on the HR department and help them manage their own HR and payroll-related information?

Using our Employee self-service web-based application, employees can access to their personal records and payroll details. Features include allowing employees to change their own contact details, family members and banking information and benefits. The portal also allows administrative tasks like applying for a leave, reviewing of timesheet, inquiring about available loan programs, requests for overtime payment, viewing of compensation history, and submitting of reimbursement slips.

Watch trust and motivation levels go up when employees gain access to the employee portal and have online access to their payroll and other information. There are endless rewards to reap - better communication, standardised processes, faster turnaround times, transparency, engagement and superior quality both for your business and HR Services Providers.

ABOUT is dedicated to developing and enhancing software products that are key success factors for organizations, corporations, professionals, executive agencies and members of the micro, corporate and enterprise business community. Our mmediate goal is to equip businesses locally and throughout the Caribbean, then expand our products and service offerings to other regions throughout the world. We have in-house expertise for research, design, development and delivery of biometric software solutions; and can execute any custom design and development project at very affordable rates. We also have an Open Source model where your developers can expand on our system or tap into our API's.